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After a 4 week trip through Italy and Greece and a semester abroad, co-owner Stephanie Dzugan was blown away by what Europeans considered "fast food."  Once she was back stateside, she raved and raved so much about the freshness and quality of simple, "fast, casual," that her father, George Jameson decided there had to be others who would appreciate high-end freshness, in the simplest of foods.

In 2008, Savory Salads started distributing hand cup fruit cups to water parks, evolved into commercial catering with custom box lunches for hotels and corporate gatherings, and after continuous requests by customers, opened its first retail location in Barrington, IL in 2012.  The retail location allowed Stephanie and George, with the support of their family, to dive in creatively with home style quality and the freshest ingredients and spun to a second location in Arlington Heights.  Stephanie, George and the Savory team pride themselves on evolving to customer interests, innovatively bringing new recipes while maintaining the "staples," and distinguishing itself in its own niche of "fast casual with the best quality" dining.

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